Sort Range Plus Help

See below for some common errors. If you have any additional issues you can always submit a help request through this page.

Frequently Asked Questions:

My data disappeared after sorting
Your data probably didn't disappear, it may have just been sorted to the bottom of the page and is hidden. Scroll down to see it! Note that when you sort by cell color your empty cells may appear at the top — this depends on your color sort settings and whether you are sorting in ascending or descending order. That means your cells with other colors will be sorted to the bottom.

You can avoid this by only selecting the data you need, or in other words, don't select the entire column. You may also want to select a different (ascending/descending order) option for color.

Script errors

ScriptError: You do not have permissions to access the requested document.
This may be caused by a number of things, but most likely you are signed into multiple accounts. Try signing out of all accounts, and then log back in to only the account you are trying to access. You may have luck starting a new "incognito" session after that is only logged into the account. Also make sure that you are an owner of this spreadsheet -- you may have trouble sorting

ScriptError: This action would increase the number of cells in the workbook above the limit of 2000000 cells.
Google Sheets restricts the number of cells in a workbook to 2 million. The Sort Range Plus algorithm often needs an additional column to calculate the sort order, and will cause this error if you are using too many cells. Try deleting an empty column if you have one, or if not try deleting a large chunk of empty rows below your data.

ScriptError: If sorting form data, you must include all columns associated with the form.
Anytime you sort data in a sheet that is linked to Form responses, you must select all columns associated with the Form, as well as any columns that have content in them.

Other error messages

Merges must be entirely within the sort range.
You cannot select a column that includes only some cells within a merged cell. The error message should tell you where the merge is. Either unmerge those cells or select a different range that doesn't include 

You can't sort a range containing vertical merges. There is a vertical merge at D1:D2
Select a range that doesn't contain a vertical merge, or "unmerge" your vertical merge before sorting.

Select at least two rows
You'll need to select at least two rows before sorting. When you see this message you can select the new range and press "Continue".

Select a single range
You can't sort multiple ranges at the same time. Select just one range and press "Continue".