Sort Range Plus

Sort Range Plus extends Google Sheets's built-in Sort Range tool. It adds the ability to sort rows based on cell background color and text color, not just by cell value. More options are coming soon!

Where to get
You can download Sort Range Plus from the Sheets Add-ons store. Select Add-ons → Get add-ons... from any Google Spreadsheet.

How to use
Select a range of cells to sort.
Select from the Add-ons menu: Sort Range Plus → Sort Range...
Does your data have a header? If yes, check the box next to Data has header row.
Select the sort category (cell color, text color, etc.) and the column to sort by.
You can add additional sort categories by clicking "+ Add another sort column"
Click the "Sort" button. Voila!

To Undo 
To undo a sort simply use Sheets's built-in UNDO. Select Edit → Undo, or use the keyboard command CTRL-Z (Windows) or CMD-Z (Mac).
***NOTE***: Sort Range Plus often inserts (and then removes) a blank "helper column" in order to sort rows more quickly. You may need to UNDO twice to also remove the helper column :)

Frequently Asked Questions and dealing with error messages
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